Briefing Note #5: Current Travel Trends in Durham Region

briefingnote5captureThis briefing note provides highlights from a review of Transportation Tomorrow Survey data from 2011 to provide a glimpse at how Durham Region travels. It shows some interesting tidbits, such as the trend to an increasing number of trips during the morning peak period that are not work- or school-related. The TMP will need to consider these trends when developing network alternatives and policy directions.

BRIEFING NOTE#5: Current Travel Trends in Durham Region

Briefing Note #2: 2003 Transportation Master Plan Report Card

January 12, 2015

The second briefing note looks at how the actions identified in the previous TMP (PDF) are being achieved. Over a third of the actions are completed with work ongoing on most of the remaining items. Progress has been achieved on improving transit, active transportation, and building new roads.

BRIEFING NOTE #2: 2003 Transportation Master Plan Report Card (PDF)

Check back next Monday for the next briefing note that reviews the results of a telephone survey of Durham Region residents about transportation.

Transportation Master Plan Briefing Notes

Throughout the TMP process, the Study Team will occasionally post Briefing Notes to provide some insights into the transportation network in Durham Region. Topics covered to date include:

  • How Durham Region gets to work
  • Progress on the 2003 TMP Actions
  • Public Opinion Survey Results

Are there any other topics you want future briefing notes to cover? Contact the study team!